Your 3 Go-To Supplements for Winter Gains

Even though our Aussie winters aren’t too rough, you may be looking for that extra edge in the gym once the mercury starts to drop below 20 degrees celsius.

Xtend BCAA, Cellucor C4 and Gold Standard Whey have got your back, here’s how:

Recover faster for frosty days

Sometimes getting to the gym to work out can be a mission, especially when your muscles are cold. Fast recovery times are crucial when the cold comes around and can be influential when it’s time to make the call on whether you’re hitting the gym or not. Xtend BCAA is a great supplement which will help you recover, repair and refuel those tired muscles and get you back on the grind. Xtend has seven grams of branched amino acids (BCAAs) that are scientifically proven to promote muscle growth and recovery.

To help with your recovery times, burn that extra fat, pack on muscle and restore electrolytes, Xtend BCAA is your go-to product.

Quit the yawns with Cellucor C4

Are you finding it difficult getting motivated to hit the gym with colder weather? Looking for that extra boost of energy to kick your sleepy morning workouts into the next gear? Well, look no further than C4 pre-workout.

There’s an excellent reason why C4 is America’s first choice for pre-workout. It gives you a kick of energy and the focus needed to smash those extra reps at the gym. One of the best things about C4 pre-workout is that it comes in a range of flavours. Whatever those taste buds are looking for on frosty Aussie mornings, C4 pre-workout has got you covered to get you locked and loaded for the gym.

A lot of pre-workouts on the market can wear off mid-workout, but not C4. Its typical effect duration is anytime between 3-6 hours, so Cellucor C4 pre-workout has your back on those early mornings.

Settle for nothing less than Gold Whey

Picking the right protein is tough. There’s an insane number of products on the market, so making the right call can be a shot in the dark sometimes – unless you’re picking Gold Standard 100% Whey.

There’s a reason why Gold Whey is the world’s bestselling protein. It replicates its namesake with its usability and price point. Gold Standard, 100% Whey, mixes incredibly well, whether you’re using a shaker or putting

some on top of your ice cream for that before-bed snack. Gold Standard Whey’s mixability is so impressive that a simple spoon will get the job done, making your life that much easier after a workout. Perhaps that is why most people interested in building lean muscle tend to consume whey protein post-workout in the form of a shake. Those who want to build lean muscles can take advantage of such protein supplements, which can be found at or other such websites of supplement brands.

Gold Standard Whey comes in a range of excellent flavours, including chocolate mint, coffee, cookies and cream and rocky road. No matter what your taste buds are chasing, Gold Standard 100% Whey has you covered.