What I’ve Learnt from Driving with Children

As most parent will know, most mornings with children are filled with making breakfast, dirty dishes, combing hair, brushing teeth and just generally trying to make the little ones look presentable in time for school. No easy feat.

The best part of my day has to be when all the kids are sat in the car, with their uniforms on and I know that the panic is over. That is until two minutes time when they start arguing with each other, and the mania starts all over again.

Once I’m in the car, I have to learn to tune their bickering out, because road safety is my primary concern, especially when driving with my children. That’s why I ensure the car seats are secure before they even step inside, because more than 57% of drivers fail to fit them properly – so I recommend reading Which?’s 10 quick child car seat checks. I also make sure they each have their seat belts on and try to ensure they don’t unlock it, which they have a habit of doing. I’ve been looking at purchasing a new car seat for my daughter as the current seat is a bit old now! I think I’ve finally found the perfect seat (here is the link to buy it at Joie Baby) but I need to run it by my husband first. I just want my kids to be safe whilst they’re in the car.

To distract them from climbing out of their seats, I regularly play games to keep them occupied, whilst focusing on the road ahead. ‘I Spy’ is a great game to play when traveling with kids, as they’ll be too busy looking outside to think about unlocking their belts or wriggling in their booster seats. Seat belts are the real safety nets when it comes to car safety. If your seat belt is cut, torn, or ripped out, get them replaced from Safety Restore or any similar service providers.

I’ve also instilled some ground rules for my children when inside a vehicle. For example, they are not allowed to scream, shout or fight (which they do regularly ignore), and they must listen whenever the driver speaks.

It’s not just car seats and seat belts I worry about. The last thing I want when I’m driving is for one of the tyres to blow – which can contribute to more than 1,200 road accidents every year. Not only that, but driving with a defective tyre can result in a considerable fine, along with three points on a licence – and I really can’t afford to lose my driver’s licence with two kids to take to school every day. That’s why I buy tyres online from Point-S, who are experts in installing or repairing high quality tyres. I also regularly have my car’s tyres checked so I can feel safe in the knowledge my children are protected.

I never use my mobile phone when driving – ever. Texting and phone calls are strictly banned in the car, because they can result in a serious road accident, which could not only injure myself and my children, but other drivers and passengers. All messages will have to hold until the journey as over, as no call is more important than a life.

When the school journey first started, I thought I wouldn’t have a hair left on my head by the end of the year. However, by instilling ground rules and performing regular safety checks, you can have a pleasant and safe car journey with your children onboard.