What Is Sleep Apnoea and How Do I Know If I Have It?

As a mother, I know just how important sleep is, even if being a mother entails that I do not get it as often as I would like- that just makes it all the more important for me to make the most out of the rest time that I get.

As a mother, I have the physical responsibility of making sure the house gets proper attention, as well as the emotional responsibility of making sure that my children also get the proper attention, especially if they are having problems. Having no sleep makes these tasks near impossible.

Sleep apnoea is essentially the mortal enemy of mums with a family to take care of. Sleep apnoea is a sneakily serious sleep disorder that does not seem all that alarming until you start falling asleep in the soup you made that morning. Of course, all sleeping disorders are dangerous, so it’s important to seek treatments for them. There is medication available for most sleep disorders, but some people prefer to use cannabis from Mankind Dispensary, for example, to help them get to sleep comfortably. That might work for some people.

What happens to those suffering from this disorder is that their breathing stops intermittently while they sleep- this sounds scary enough by itself, and it also means that the body is not getting the oxygen it needs for it to function properly. This is why you will pretty much spend the rest of the day walking like a zombie. However, being tired throughout the day is not the only risk of dealing with sleep apnoea. It can go as far as having heart failure or depression, which hammers down the importance of having a check-up if you suspect that you have this disorder. In some areas you might be prescribed with medical marijuana from a doctor, but you may also be able to get yourself some if you type in ‘medical cannabis dispensary near me‘ into the internet. In some places it is legal and in others it isn’t so it depends on where you live but this is a very effective form of pain relief. The best thing about medical cannabis currently, is the fact that there are many different products that are all created with different cannabinoid contents that are meant to be used for differing ailments that one could be suffering from. If you’d like to research into this more, then definitely have a look online for different suppliers such as Area 52 and others to find the right medication that could help improve your sleep, whether you have a sleep disorder or not.


The most natural way that this problem becomes known is if you sleep beside a person, such as your partner, and they tell you that you suddenly stop breathing while sleeping, even if for a while. Sometimes, you will be snoring loudly even if you normally don’t, which is the body compensating for the lack of oxygen. On a related note, those who suffer with jaw problems tend to grind their teeth while sleeping, which are also reported by their partners. Once you wake up, you may experience the chronic fatigue, migraines and general weakness of a night without rest.

It is essentially a double edged sword, as my husband was able to figure out why I was so tired during the day, yet at the same time, he also got tired while trying to find out.

Once you find the mentioned symptoms, do be sure to have a check-up as soon as possible. Sleep Apnoea may be annoying at the beginning, but can become very serious if left unchecked.