Top 5 Worst Things to Move When Moving House

There are countless reasons that make ‘moving to another home’ an unpleasant and tiring experience. The reasons can either physical or emotional, but it is often the ‘physical’ reasons that make ‘moving to another home’ a stressful experience. The items ‘difficult to move’ contribute heavily towards this physical stress. Of course, there are companies available that are experts at moving one particular item, for instance, RCG Logistics are a great option when it comes to transporting your car. However, sometimes there are items that you simply need to move by yourself. The difficulty of moving an item may vary according to a person’s physical stature and the tools at hand. However, there are certain things that the ‘average’ person will have trouble moving to another house, especially if that move is overseas. Moving big, bulky items is hard enough as is but when shipping overseas and factoring in any International Moving Costs, they may just be too big to take! Let’s take a look at the top 5 worst things to move when moving house.

Big-Sized Furniture

There’s a reason your large furniture pieces have been in one place for a long, long time. Try lifting and moving one of these big-sized furniture pieces and you’ll know the reason. Often, the biggest cause of concern for people moving houses is moving big-sized furniture pieces. These include beds, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, dining tables, couches, and armoires. Quite often, families will place large furniture into storage until they have the help to move it to their new home. This means there is less rushing involved when trying to move smaller objects, as the big objects are in a safe space. Researching for storage units near you is easy, simply search for “self storage CO” or storage units wherever you are based.

Bulky Household Appliances

You probably own bulky household appliances and you’re likely to take them with you to your ‘new’ house especially if they’re in good working condition. In spite of their standardized shapes, moving the big appliances is never easy. The reason for this is their extreme weight. Their bulky nature is the reason they’ve been labeled as one of the worst things to move when moving house. Examples of these bulky household appliances are refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, cookers, and dryers.

Fragile items

When it takes to the top 5 worst things to move when moving house, you simply cannot ignore the highly breakable or fragile items. You will usually find these highly breakable or fragile items in the kitchen. A huge mistake that most people make is packing fragile items such as bowls, glass dishes, plates, cups, saucers, and glasses in a random box and assuming that they won’t break. If you wish to find these fragile items in one piece when you unpack them in your new home, ensure you pack them properly. Also, mark the box that carries them with Fragile, Handle with care!

Sharp Objects

Sharp objects are another one of the top 5 worst things to move when moving house. Corkscrews, Knives, and forks are some of these ‘sharp objects’. Sharp objects fall into the category of the ‘worst’ items to move as a result of the threat they pose to other items they’re packed with. At times, they may even cause harm to people that handle them. In order to ensure that these sharp objects remain as safe as possible, disarm the open blades and sharp points of these objects. Also, avoid packing them with the more fragile items.


Finally, we complete our list of the top 5 worst things to move when moving house with the piano. The massively sized musical instrument is probably one of the biggest/heaviest items you have in your home. As a result of extreme weight, lifting and moving a piano is difficult. Calling in a professional service is probably the best way to move the piano to your new home.

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