Toaster Oven Shopping Tips: 6 Factors to Consider When Making a Purchase

Toasters ovens, like many other kitchen electronic devices, have evolved significantly- from the old simple bread toasters to modern ones that can meet a range of your culinary needs. That’s why you need to precise about the toaster oven you want when you go shopping or risk buying one that doesn’t prepare all your recipes.

So what should you look at when buying a new toaster oven?


Why are you buying the toaster oven? What food preparation duties do you need it to perform? One explanation the market has a range of models is because they are meant to complete different cooking tasks.

You should know what tasks your toaster oven can do before you carry it home. So whether you are buying online or from a physical store, make sure to have a detailed conversation with the salesperson concerning the specifics of the microwave toaster oven. Ask what recipes it cooks and what it can’t. Specify whether it is for domestic or commercial use.


Besides the regular bread toasters, we have a few types of toaster ovens- those that help ease the cooking process for meals like baked potatoes, pizza, kabobs etc. Your new modern toaster oven should be a versatile kitchen appliance that ensures a new comfortable baking experience.

  • Countertop Toaster Ovens: They are mostly used to brown, warm up, or toast meals, and are the best for those buying a toaster to help speed up their cooking. Countertop toaster ovens are spacious enough to fit around 2-6 cuts of toast or bagels at a go. Plus, they frequently give settings for the different ways you’d need your meal prepared.
  • Convection Oven: Convection ovens are today’s trend because they’re built with tech that that displaces the hot air within the oven in circles to heat food more evenly. Food gets ready faster and at lower temperatures than in a traditional oven. As a result, you save some time and cash.
  • Rotisserie Oven: A rotisserie oven is primarily built for cooking meat. It features a spinning spit that rotates to make sure your beef or chicken cooks more evenly and turns out appealing and tasty.


Your toaster oven must fit your kitchen’s counter space, or you will find a difficult time using it. So, before you pick one, ask yourself how much space you are willing to spare for a toaster. Most toaster ovens are large, and sizes get bigger depending on the use. What do you plan to cook with your toaster oven? What food quantities are you looking to cook? Meat for many or just 5 pieces of potatoes for a few?

The buyer looking to get a small toaster oven because of limited space may not enjoy the major benefits of a toaster oven because another reason they come in different sizes and have larger capacity is to allow you prepare a range of toaster oven recipes.

Tip: Ensure you check both exterior and interior measurements before purchase. Don’t buy a model that won’t even fit an oven plate.


You need to check for features like convection fans, interior lighting, rotisserie spits and more. Here are the basic things a good toaster oven must have. Ask the seller for more information about one of the most popular toaster ovens before purchase.

  • Convection: a property that circulates warm air throughout your toaster oven to ensure foods cook faster, and more evenly.
  • Interior Light: high temperatures can be dangerous, with interior lighting you don’t have to risk opening the door when you can monitor food status through the glass door. Find a toaster oven with a light bulb that’s easy to replace.
  • LCD Screen: it displays your temperature settings and function selection. Some screens change colour to indicate preheating or when a dish is ready.
  • Temperature Probe: enables you to cook food to an internal temperature of your choice.
  • Multiple Rack Positions: to allow you to move dishes closer or farther from the different heating elements when cooking.
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius Button: enables you to display degrees in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Timer: timers announce when cooking time is over and in sometimes the end of preheating. Some timers feature an automatic shut-off property to turn off the toaster oven when the dish is prepared.
  • Auto-Eject Rack: the rack should automatically eject when you open the toaster oven.
  • Frozen Button: inform the toaster oven you are cooking frozen food so it can add extra time based on the food item.
  • Rotisserie: allows meat to rotate as it roasts the rotisserie fashion.
  • Non-Stick Interior: ensures you don’t break a sweat when cleaning your toaster oven.

5-Power (wattage)

Most ovens are meant for home use and will perfectly run on your kitchen circuit. But some big and large capacity toaster ovens require higher power to operate and may need to be used on a dedicated circuit, separate from other home appliances. If you don’t provide this then don’t be surprise when you get a power surge and the breakers flip.

Ask your supplier about your toaster ovens wattage and whether it will need any special power considerations. If so, then check out MZ Electric or a similar electrical company to see if they can set up a circuit for you.


Are you looking for the best oven for your kitchen countertop? Or you just want something simple and affordable? Remember, you don’t have to spend thousands on high-end toaster oven brands to enjoy the benefits of one. Yet one that will cover most of your recipes will cost you more than the simpler old versions.

So your best option lies with some trusted brands- not really high-end, but those that will do a lot more for you in the kitchen for less than $100:

  • Oster
  • Black and Decker
  • Hamilton Beach
  • Cuisinart

These brands are tested and are functionality wise the best oven bids for a new user. They all come with the convection feature, a warranty, have 11-12 Inch capacity, and some even boast of digital controls. For cooks who love one solution for all, some of these brands can broil, warm, bake, defrost and cook bagel and pizza. Large-sized ones can even do rotisserie.

Final Words

Your choice of a toaster oven should be based on the above five factors. Be careful with details more so when buying from an online dealer. Also, seek reviews from friends and family on what brands have worked or not worked for them in the past. That way, you can get the toaster oven that solves all your kitchen problems.