Tips for Keeping the Car Clean

We’ve all seen it, a car interior that looks like an atomic bomb was detonated directly from its passenger seat. Paper, food wrappers, dirty socks, and all manner of things rain down throughout the car’s interior like a Tsunami. That car that has a smell, what is that smell? Something most likely crawled into the abyss and died there happily. Keeping your car from becoming this car is easy with a little effort and a few simple tips.

First, let’s deal with that smell. The folks at suggest following your nose to find the source of aroma. Clear out any garbage from your vehicle so that you can easily see the interior and source of the odor. If the smell appears to be coming from the car itself, this could signal an issue larger than your level of tidiness. If the air conditioner is generating a musty smell, you might have a mold issue in your AC system. If you smell something sweet while the ignition is on, it could be Antifreeze which has been known to leak on occasion. If you smell something burning, oil might be the culprit and you should check for leaks. The smell of burning rubber, electrical wiring, gas and even a rotten egg smell all point to potential mechanical issues that probably require the assistance of your trusted mechanic. If you smell rotting fruit, we’re back to personal habits. It probably is rotting fruit lost under your seats.

There are a few easy things you can do to keep your car cleaner. Keep a small trash can in it to collect garbage in one place. Empty said trash can once a week or as needed. You can also keep a tub of baby wipes in the car to quickly clean up spills long before they become a sticky, forgotten mess. Consider using organizers for your cargo space. This free-for-all area doesn’t have to be chaos. Create a small tote for everyone in your family, or for your favorite activities, and place relevant things in their corresponding totes. Mark on your calendar a day each month to thoroughly clean your car. Every single month. Staying on top of the mess keeps it from getting out of hand. When you arrive home each night, make a concerted effort to bring everything inside that was brought into your car that day. This should go a long way in keeping the interior of your car under control.