Three Things To Remember With A First Time Pregnancy

So, you’re pregnant. Now what? You have a little one on the way and you have a lot of preparing to do. There are even many things you’ll probably forget to do. In fact, you can find plenty of checklists online that tell you what you will need.

You don’t just need to prepare your home for the new baby, you also need to make sure your life, body, and mind are prepared. That means that you need to talk to people at work if you are going to need maternity time off. You’ll need to discuss life changes with your partner too.

Your Body Is Going Through Many Changes

Your body needs to make room for a baby to grow in it, which means you risk stretch marks and other annoying body issues. You definitely want to make sure that you are using some vitamin E lotion, or even cocoa butter, on your belly to help keep those stretch marks at bay. You can also use compression clothing to help keep down swelling, such as that you’ll soon start to get in your feet.

These changes are all important, and they are simply part of the process of having a baby. If you do what you can to take care of your body you’ll likely return to normal once you’ve given birth.

You Need To Prepare Yourself

You don’t just need to start eating for two when you get pregnant, you also have to get your head prepared for the changes that will come during and after your pregnancy. Not only do you need to face the fact that you are going to gain some weight, and you need to, but also that you’ll be going through giving birth, which isn’t a very pleasant experience, although it’s well worth it.

You also need to prepare for the changes that motherhood will bring to your life. There will be late nights and less sleep. You will have someone you need to care for even more than yourself, and they will be where you need to focus most of your energy on any given day.

You Need To Prepare Your Home

Probably the most stressful part of an impending first baby is the work you need to put into getting your home ready and getting all of the things that you need for your baby.

For starters, you need plenty of diapers, a car seat, a bed for baby, and you’ll also want to have a baby monitor so that you can keep an ear on baby when they are not in the same room as you. Remember that when shopping for essentials like car seats, you can take advantage of online shopping sites like Nuna (get your Nuna new coupon codes and deals here) where you can find affordable deals and attractive offers, helping you save a few dollars!

No one is ever perfectly ready when their first baby arrives, even if it was a planned pregnancy. It doesn’t make you a bad mom to forget something, and that’s why you have friends and family!