The Importance Of Teaching Your Children About Drugs

If you don’t teach your children about drugs, someone will. That someone could end up being the person that gets your child hooked on drugs. Plus, you don’t want them to only learn from their friends, who may not have the same rules or thoughts on drugs as you have.

It may seem a daunting task to talk to kids about drugs, but you need to do it at a younger and younger age each year. Children in elementary school face the possibility of coming into contact with drugs, from pushers, friends, and even in their own family’s medicine cabinet.

Talk To Them Honestly

The one thing your child deserves, no matter what age they are, is honesty from their parents. Be honest with them about the effects of drugs, don’t sugar coat it. You should also be honest with them about your opinion of drugs.

As a parent your opinion should always be that drugs are bad, even prescription ones, unless they a prescribed to you. Plus, they should strictly be taken as directed, or it could also be considered as drug abuse. Drug abuse can lead to addiction.

Addiction is hard to get over, and it takes time in rehab and a drive to stay clean. Addiction to drugs can cause brain damage, it can mess up your life, and it can even lead to premature death. Drugs can lead to the breakdown of a person’s relationships or may even cost them their job if their employer uses a company like this one which is known for its drug testing in springfield mo. Let your children see photos of the effects of drugs on people, from lost teeth to a just all around unhealthy appearance.

Don’t Share Personal Experiences

If you experimented with drugs, when you were young or older, your children don’t need to know about it. You’re not lying to them by omitting your experimental youth, instead you are helping them out by letting them see the negative and not that it will be OK because mom or dad did some in the past and they turned out fine.

Dangers Of Prescription Drugs

Make sure that your kids know that prescription drugs are just as bad for you as street drugs. They are illegal when they aren’t prescribed to you, and they can just as easily lead to overdose and death. Make sure they know never to take someone else’s medication, even if they think it can help with a headache or something else.

Let your kids know it’s OK to talk to you about drugs in the future, and they won’t get into trouble just for discussing them with you. You want to know if someone is offering them drugs or trying to push them to take drugs.

Drugs are bad, unless they are prescribed to you for an illness. Drugs that can’t be prescribed are even worse, and extremely dangerous. Let your child know if they have friends that take drugs they should tell someone and they should spend less time with those friends until they quit taking drugs.