How to Survive the Monday Blues

“Tomorrow’s Monday”. The short sentence has the power to send shivers down a grownup’s spine, especially if the said grownup isn’t exactly head over heels in love with the concept of a busy workplace, long-winded meetings, and fast-paced workflow. 

Even people who’re passionate about their job can fall prey to Monday blues now and again: after all, the first day of the week is usually the worst one of them all, and the very thought of returning to the busy workplace can cause a mild anxiety and fleeting mood and energy dips. Unfortunately, the start-of-the-week blues don’t stop at short-lived mood swings: a 2009 study carried out in Japan showed that the suicide rate among men was highest on Mondays, which on its own speaks volumes about the heavy toll Monday blues can claim unless identified and remedied on time. But while quitting may not be a viable solution unless you have other options on the table, hacking Monday blues is 100% feasible granted you have a few clever strategies up your smart suit’s sleeve.

  1. A Special Monday Morning Treat

A mouthwatering breakfast is the best way to start a day, especially on Monday mornings when getting up and showing up for work is the last thing you feel like doing.

A special morning meal on a blue Monday will kick-start your metabolism and deter hunger-caused crankiness, and it’ll also give you a reason to look forward to the beginning of another workweek. To save yourself time, you can try one of the quick and healthy breakfast recipes that will add flavor to your first meal of the day.

  1. Get the Game Plan in Place on Sunday

If you see Monday mornings as a byword for stress, you’re probably leaving work prep for the last minute.

To avoid Monday morning anxiety, get your game plan in place ahead of time: lay out work clothes, make lunch on Sunday evening, and try to complete difficult work tasks on Friday afternoon. The early bird catches the worm: handling major Monday challenges in the nick of time will only add to your aversion to the beginning of the week.

  1. Monday Evenings to Look Forward To

Most people live for the weekends, but if you want to prevent Monday blues, it may be a smart move to have a special action plan in place for Monday night.

 Surviving the first day of the week is much easier if you have something to look forward to at the end of it. Book your gym workout for Monday evening, and follow up on the sweaty session with a flavorsome supplement such as EHP Labs Oxyshred for bonus mood points. Or, you can stage a movie night on Monday evening, take a long walk after work, or go to the cinema with your significant other: whatever works for you will work for your Monday motivation, too.

  1. A Good Night’s Sleep Does the Trick

Lack of energy is a common reason why the working population dreads Monday mornings.

Don’t let sleeplessness rob you of motivation: hit the hay before small Sunday hours turn into the first hours of Monday and get a good night’s sleep. That way, your body and brain will have enough time to rest and replenish, and you’ll wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, sans the blues that go hand in hand with return to the work ropes.

  1. Silver Linings in the Monday Clouds

You simply can’t hate Monday and expect it to love you back. Shift your attention from negative aspects of the first week day, and try to find silver linings even on a cloudy Monday.

Yes, you still have to work today, but this Monday may just turn out to be the best day of your life. You might meet a kindred spirit on your way to the office, you may get a raise, promotion, or a chance to help a person in need, you may get a brilliant idea and start your own business soon – all of these thoughts are emotionally healthier alternatives to negative expectations.

Don’t start the entire week on a ratty foot: greet Monday with affirmations and a smile to tweak your vibe to positive. Yes, it’s the beginning of another long workweek, and the weekend may seem a distant thought right now, but unless you get out of bed and head out, you’ll never know what the day ahead has in store for you. After all, this Monday is the best day to change your perspective and grow a little on the personal level.