Skin Issues That Moms Suffer From And How To Deal With Them

As if moms don’t suffer enough, what with the sleepless nights and the weight gain, and cooking meals for even more people. It’s a lot to deal with. Then when you start having some skin issues, well that just adds to the annoyance.

Being pregnant and having a baby can do things to your body and change things about your body. While becoming a mother is an amazing thing that not every woman will get to experience, it does come with some annoying consequences. Not all of the skin issues covered here are caused by pregnancy, but they are still annoying and can take away from your time being happy with your baby.

Dry Skin

During and after pregnancy you may suffer from extra dry skin. In fact, during birthing some women prefer to have some chapstick with them in order to deal with their dry lips. You will want to make sure you are keeping your dry skin under control with some body lotion or better still proper a Niacinamide Skincare range.

If you don’t deal with dry skin it can get cracked, split, and even bleed. Lotion can also be a great help during pregnancy to help make your skin more elastic on your belly as it expands in order to help avoid stretch marks. Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter are great for healthy and moist skin.

Contact Dermatitis

If you have a rash, a spot with little bumps, or you are itching a lot in one spot, you could have contact dermatitis. That means that you may have touched something or used a product with something in it that you are apparently allergic to.

Your body changes all the time and while you may have no allergies, one year you could have a ton the next, and pregnancy can sometimes trigger them. An anti-itch cortizone cream is your best defense when you get contact dermatitis.

Skin Tags

Before, during, and after your pregnancy you may experience parts of your body that get a lot more friction than others. If you are overweight this could be a cause for skin tags appearing in certain areas on your body. Of course, you can get them when pregnant, and even areas that you might touch or rub a lot (like under your eyes).

Skin tags more often appear on your back and underarms, from clothing rubbing and other reasons. They are harmless. If they annoy you, there are ways to remove them, from oils to having a doctor lance them.

Skin problems can be annoying, and they can take you away from time with your baby and with your kids. However, if you find a good product that helps fight your skin woes then you have mastered half the battle. The rest is raising an awesome child!