Revisiting Your Insurance Services

We must not make any mistakes about it — insurance companies and perhaps all financial service providers for that matter are in this business for the money. It’s about their profits — their profits come first and whatever benefits they can offer us as consumers come second, which is why you almost have to fight tooth and nail to get your claim approved should a payout be required.

This doesn’t mean they’re all bad or bad at all though because at the end of the day you’re paying money for a certain service you get from them. As much as they may look for ways to forgo paying out as many claims as they can manage, if you have your house in order and you’ve done everything according to the book on your end, you can continue to enjoy the service you’re paying for and you should have no problems receiving payouts on whatever claims you file.

It’s always the right time to revisit your insurance services however and basically see if you can’t get your premiums reduced while still getting adequate coverage for whatever it is in your life which requires insurance. You could perhaps negotiate better premiums if you’re making use of Hollywood movers who themselves offer insurance on your goods while in transit, for example and if your insurance company isn’t flexible at all, it’s perhaps time to shop around and see if you can’t find a better insurer.

After all, insurers do indeed approach their relationship with each of their customers on a case-by-case basis, so if for example I was aware of quite a few moving companies near me, that would surely be a sign of a thriving property sales market which would ultimately contribute to lower household goods insurance premiums in the long run since vibrant property sales markets give rise to a plethora of other thriving markets like home security and the likes.

This works on pretty much the same level for life insurance as well. Customers need to be understood with respect to their overall life situation, and each case is way different from the other. Some agents maintain a comprehensive CRM system ( to ensure that all details about a customer are stored safely for easy access and change anytime its needed. This can make it easier for better communication and flexibility in plans, allowing the customer to have the last word on policies they have opted for.

I’ll let you in on a little secret as well. On one occasion when the insurance premiums on the family car got a bit too much because of many other growing expenses related to the most recent economic crisis, I was convinced I was making a phone call to my current insurer to give them the requisite notice of my intention to switch insurance companies. You know, one of those insurance companies that can provide something like these best cheap car insurance uk plans and that just happen to draw you in to what they’re offering, and on most occasions, it works. That’s why so many people are making the decision to go elsewhere once their policy has ended and is up for renewal. So, an agent promised to get back to me to discuss the issue in full detail and when he did indeed get back to me he came with a counter-offer which would basically have me enjoying the exact same terms for a full half of the price I was paying in premiums!

I would have never known that I could enjoy paying half of my premiums for the same coverage if I hadn’t liaised with some moving experts at, albeit this little piece of advice they gave me on reducing my insurance premiums is perhaps beyond the scope of their regular service of moving goods for clients. So it helps to talk to people and ask for some advice — you never know just what you can come away with, even from the unlikeliest of sources