Preparing for the Worst When Things are Going Great

It’s some sage advice I guess that of how one should never make promises when they’re really happy, or indeed make life altering plans. I totally agree with that, but it can be misinterpreted to mean that one should never prepare for the worst case scenario when things are going really well in their lives. On the contrary, this is the best time to prepare for the worst and you should in fact make preparations for the worst case scenario when some of the bad times are nowhere to be seen and don’t seem like they’ll be in sight for the foreseeable future.

You don’t necessarily have to drill right down to every single fine detail of your life, but rather just take a closer look at some of the major areas of your life.

The thinking behind it all is that things can change in an instant and life could hit you where it hurts most at the most unexpected of times, in the most unexpected of ways. Naturally the most important element of the plans you have to make in preparation for the worst case scenario is that which involves your finances. Growing up I caught some advice my dad was levelling at the boys in our family as they were coming of age (brothers and cousins) and what he said was that as a man you’re going to have a lot of problems in your life, some of them major ones, but whatever you do make sure the major problem you have is not that of your finances.

If you come to think about it though pretty much every problem one has in their lives is of a financial nature in some or other way. If you have health issues for example either some expensive medical treatment could alleviate or go all the way to solve those issues, or those issues could have been avoided in the first place as a result of a higher quality of life you could have afforded to live.

Legal issues too – the best lawyers cost the most, whether it’s a criminal issue you have to deal with, a civil matter or one which has to do with business law.

Pretty much everything comes down to money, which is a very important observation because what it means is that you know exactly where to look to start planning for the worst when things are going great.

Fortunately you don’t have to start from scratch and do everything yourself from knowledge you’d indicatively have to find a way to acquire, no doubt at a cost. Modern Law for example deals with domestic issues such as divorce, but they shouldn’t be visited once you actually go through a divorce. They should in fact be visited when things are going well in the marriage so that something like a divorce settlement agreement can be drawn up when both parties in the marriage are thinking straight and would agree to fair terms should the unthinkable happen.

For just about everything else there’s insurance to make for a great way to plan for the worst when things are going really well.