Planning a Liverpool Trip for the Entire Family

In my specific case the departure point is Birmingham, but generally speaking if you’re going in from out of town then it’ll take you about the same time by car as it would take you by train to get to Liverpool, so I reckon it’s best to go by car. Find a place to park though, because even if you come in early, you don’t want to find yourself stuck in what can be the nightmarish traffic of a small but vibrant city. It’s better to get around on the city’s public transport…

I speak from personal experience when I say that you should NOT try to incorporate a stopover at Goodison Park or Anfield into the day-trip for a live football match, even if as in my case you have some football-lovers to cater to. It’ll eat up the entire time set aside for the trip, especially if it’s one of those derby games between Liverpool and Everton as the traffic coming into and going out of the city is nothing short of horrible. Instead, visit the LFC store or the Everton Two Shop for a sporting experience which will have you walking away with something more tangible in the official merchandise you can purchase.

As is the case with catching the footy (or rather, not), I don’t like to hit up the shopping spots in Liverpool, although there are plenty to shop-it-up in. The same reason applies – these are activities which can eat up the entire day, leaving very little if any time for other aspects of the day trip which would make it more of a fulfilling experience, in line with the #YourLiverpoolONE trend.

I really like to have us getting our earliest fill of the day at a place such as Hotel Chocolat following a good, late breakfast at a nearby place like Lunya or Red’s True Barbecue, because we can all use the energy for the rest of the day ahead.

Depending on the exact time at which we plan the day-trip to Liverpool, I like using Liverpool ONE to find out exactly what’s on, but the essence of any trip to this part of the land has to be a complete one. This means that a mandatory cultural experience has to be thrown into the mix, such as popping into the Beatles Museum, Merseyside Maritime Museum or even just checking out the latest in street art at the Liverpool Wings. You know? It must feel like we’re coming away with a piece of the city via a truly authentic experience.