Decking Out Your Patio To Make It Stylishly Yours

We might not think too much about it, but decorating your home isn’t limited to the inside. For us to reach the perfect balance of décor zen, we need to make sure that what our home looks like on the outside reflects what it looks like on the inside. We don’t want to frighten away our guests, do we? So, aside from making sure that we have an amazing front yard and a welcoming façade or exterior, our backyard patios need to be up to snuff.


From Kids’ Room to Big Kids’ Room: Resize and Revamp Ideas

As a parent, it can feel like every step in a child’s life is a mammoth milestone. From successful toilet training to the first pair of ‘real’ shoes, there are many challenges to anticipate with joy or horror. One of the more overlooked challenges is revamping a nursery into a child’s bedroom, and a child’s bedroom into a teen’s bedroom. Here’s a handy overview to working with your child to create a fun and functional living space for them, at every stage of their development.


Summer Clothes for boys

We are back this month with our summer picks from the fab website. The Mini Mads have had a good browse of the website and here are their choices. The boys are ten and nearly nine and have distinct personalities, so see if you can tell who picked which sets!

Summer picks