The Look on Their Face: How to Throw a Successful Surprise Party

Are you thinking about throwing a surprise party for a friend or family member? Perhaps, it is your best friend’s birthday or maybe it is your child’s birthday! If so, you’ll have quite a bit of planning to do if you want to make sure they have a great time-and that it remains a complete surprise! Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect surprise.

Decide on a Venue

The first thing you’ll need to do is choose a venue for the party. Start planning well in advance-months if possible. If you’re going to hold it in a venue, you’ll need to book it out with plenty of time.

While you could hold the party at your, then it might be difficult to set up the party and get everyone to arrive when your partner is out.

It’s easier to choose a venue like a hotel where you can then book a room or suite, so consider somewhere like Marriott SpringHill Suites Virginia Beach if you live nearby.

This way, it’s easy to get people there in advance and in secret, and it helps to make the party even more special.

Come Up with a Cover Story

If it’s their birthday, the best thing to do is create a fake cover story. Say you are taking them out for a meal or a night at a hotel, something believable that they will not doubt. Don’t pretend to forget their birthday or they will be suspicious.

Find a Place to Plan

You’ll need to do your planning somewhere that you won’t be discovered. A friend’s house is a good option, so have a think about this. Just don’t do it at home where you might leave clues lying around.

Arrange for Activities

Tailoring activities based on the age group of the participants is a thoughtful approach to ensuring an engaging and enjoyable party experience. For adult gatherings, incorporating entertaining and social activities like beer pong can add a lively and spirited element to the celebration. Games such as beer pong not only encourage friendly competition but also create an interactive and relaxed atmosphere for adult guests to socialize and unwind.

On the other hand, when planning a party for kids, it’s essential to focus on age-appropriate activities that cater to their interests and imaginations. Balloon art and face painting offered by Kiddly-Winks and similar companies can emerge as delightful choices, captivating the young audience and providing them with a hands-on and visually appealing experience. Balloon artistry allows for the creation of fun shapes and sculptures, adding a whimsical touch to the celebration. Meanwhile, face painting offers children the chance to transform into their favorite characters, fostering creativity and imaginative play.

Ultimately, tailoring activities based on the age group ensures that guests can fully engage with the festivities, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Swear Everyone to Secrecy

You’ll have to tell people about the party, but make sure they are very careful not to ruin the surprise. You have to trust people here. Many a surprise party has been spoiled because someone couldn’t keep their mouth shut.

Be especially careful with kids. In fact, don’t tell the kids. Tell them a cover story, like they are going to a friend’s party, then they can talk about the party without worrying about giving anything away.

Get Everyone to Arrive an Hour Early

You don’t want someone else turning up just as you arrive for the big surprise. They need to be there waiting when the person to be surprised arrives, so ensure everyone knows exactly when they have to be there. Also, make sure there are drinks and snacks to keep them happy while they wait.

Be Clear on the Dress Code

No one wants to turn up at their own surprise party feeling completely out of place because everyone else is dressed up while they are not. Plan for this by letting everyone know about the dress code and let everyone know whether they should dress casual or smart.

If you’re planning a fake special meal, smart evening wear will be more suitable. As a backup, arrange for some of the favorite outfits of the person who will be surprised to be at the venue so they can change if they want to.

Direct Their Movements

You could set up the person being surprised to arrive somewhere on their own so that you can surprise them too. But the safest bet is to stay with them. That way you can direct them to the place at the right time and you won’t have to worry about things going wrong.

Don’t Leave Traces

Emails, phone calls, credit card purchases-it’s easy to slip up and ruin the surprise. Even if the person finds out, they will obviously be delighted at the thought, but be especially careful in the lead-up to avoid this.

Set up a new email account, don’t use your joint credit card, don’t get anything delivered to your home, and keep it a secret.

Start Planning Your Big Surprise

There is nothing quite like a surprise party that you pull off perfectly. The person you are throwing the party for will have a great time, and you can enjoy the satisfaction of surprising them. So follow these tips to plan the party perfectly, and make sure everyone keeps it under wraps to ensure it’s a genuine surprise!