Last Minute Fall/Winter 2016/17 Shopping

Dear Lord, is it winter yet? Ah, apparently so!

It feels like so much has changed in the fashion department that we’ve been getting a mild anxiety to scoop it all. Luckily, there are always proper designer insights and guides to help us stay on top of things and – we’re happy it’s so.

Doing a light research on the pieces that are currently dominating the fashion scene, we’ve made a pretty sweet list of essentials we bet you’ll love. Make no mistake – these are the it items that every single one of us must have in our closets this fall/winter, so get ready to do some shopping!

Yes, yes, we know – it’s getting cold and you want us to speed things up! Okay, here we go… this is a breakdown of our favorite fall/winter pieces to enjoy this upcoming season:


There’s rarely a piece of clothing as chic as a cape can be; richly-textured and colorful, a cape will immediately turn a simple (i.e. dull) outfit into a showpiece. With lapels flowing around your arms and reaching your knees, capes will add drama and excitement, adding an almost whimsical sense of things to the mix.

Opt for single colors for a more serious, dramatic input and go colorful for daily events. With these choices – you can’t go wrong!


Lingerie inspired fashion is having a continuum, and it’s getting apparent we’ll see it dominate the winter trend as well. Lace and materials like silk and chiffon have a tendency to add softness to even the hardest looks or look incredibly chic on a naked body. Since the weather is cold in winter, you can’t really wear your lace like you did mid-summer. This is why, winter trend suggests combining your silk and lace strap shirts and dresses with hard pieces under; wear a black, long-sleeve turtleneck with a chiffon/silk strap shirt over and add a hint of NY edge to your style.

To channel a Parisian vibe, go full on thick lace chic and wow everyone around.


Go brocade in your coats, overcoats or capes to add riches to your style. You may even opt for an all-brocade dress as a base piece and tone it down with a simple overcoat. Worn as the primary clothing piece, a brocade dress or pantsuit will be a showpiece itself and you won’t need any jewelry added. A sleek hairdo works perfectly with this style option.


For the past few seasons, we’ve seen army fatigues in forms of coats, oversized jackets and pants; this season, designers are turning toward a new military branch: the Navy. Double-breasted coats, sailor pants, white navy-inspired smart jackets, golden buttons… all combined with red surprises like lipstick, shoes or caps will look spectacular.


Leopard came roaring back this season and it’s looking phenomenal. While leopard print is never truly out, per se, we don’t like to exercise it as much in full spectrum. Rather, a leopard fur coat, heels or skirt work perfect when combined with a little bit more demure pieces.

What we love about this winter women’s fashion is the fact that there are so many variations to adopt and, therefore, prevent any outfit from oozing boredom and dull simplicity.


An evening standard next season, the black, sheer top will make everything way more dramatic and chic. Go rockabilly in lace and wiggle skirts or take a very familiar (yet timeless) approach on boudoir romance in floor-length lace – there’s nothing you can do wrong here.

The femininity and edge of the upcoming winter trend got us spinning; there’s probably nothing we hate about these new trends and we encourage you to find your voice experimenting with the new pieces. Have fun!