It’s Time To Start Thinking About Your Spring Yard

Winter’s cold grip is going to slowly loosen over the next couple months, so now is a good time to start thinking about your spring lawn. Once the snow melts (if you have snow), and the sun starts to shine again, your brown grass will start to turn green. It can use your help.

You may want to look into doing some fresh landscaping, and maybe plant some flower beds and fresh trees. There are many options when it comes to creating a beautiful lawn for the spring and summer. Here are some tips to get you started.

Feed Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn isn’t the only thing you want to do to take care of it, although mowing is important. Don’t mow your lawn too short or you risk exposing your grass to getting burned, but if you don’t mow often enough you’ll have weeds taking over.

Get some grass feed, especially early on in the spring. If you have any bare spots you should also invest in some grass seed to give your lawn a full, lush look. Ensure that the lawn gets enough water too! Get a sprinkler system repair if need be so the grass stays lush and glowing.

Pick Some New Trees And Shrubs

If your yard is pretty empty, and you don’t need all that space for a giant pool or something, you might want to plant some new trees and maybe some bushes or shrubs for privacy. What you pick will partly have to do with where you live and what can grow there.

If you like to grow your own food you can pick fruit trees, although they’ll take some years to grow up enough to produce fruit. Maybe you just want some trees that flower beautifully in the spring.

Plan On Landscaping

Landscaping does many great things for a yard, both front and back. In the front yard it gives your home more curb appeal. In the backyard it gives you a private sanctuary. And, in both cases, it can raise the worth of your home.

You could do something simple, like having some wood chips put around the bases of your trees, or have some rocks put around your home. You could go all out and have a pond or fountain put it, which is great for a yard that you want to be a sanctuary as well.

Grow Some Flowers

At the very least, aside from caring for your grass, you may want to plant some beautiful flowers around your home, lining your driveway, or maybe even just have some potted plants on your front and back porch.

Pick flowers that grow at different heights and line them up for effects. Pick ones in your favorite colors. You may even want to pick flowers that you can use in cooking, like marigolds and roses.