Going After Those Who Have Wronged You: This Is How You Prove and Win a Dog Bite Injury Case

Any person who has incurred dog bites knows how distressing, disturbing and torturous it can be. Approximately, 4.5 million residents in US suffer dog attacks yearly. This is in accordance to The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC). In fact, of all animal accident cases, dog bites are rated first.

Children around the age of 4-7 are the most affected victims. Apart from the children, anybody despite the age can be bitten by a dog. Serious cases of dog bites can rend an individual emotionally disturbed, physically challenged or worse can result to death.

Justice needs to be served for the affected victims. Below are the techniques to win a lawsuit concerning dog bites. For exclusive insights on how to emerge victorious in a dog bite injury case, read on.

  • Invest in Competent Lawyers

To win, you must invest rightfully to certified lawyers. As much as they are worth a fortune there is no compromise here. Pick experienced, challenging and aggressive lawyers to argue for you. You can find good lawyers at sites such as DolmanLaw.com among others. A good team is what you need for a competitive case.

  • Prove Case of Negligence

You can’t deny the fact that some dog owners are ignorant. Owners who don’t take care of their dogs in circumstances such as; first, leaving unchained dogs to roam around. Secondly, failing to take their dogs for occasional visits to the veterinary. Lastly, a dog owner at a crime scene watching his dog attacking you with no attempt to stop it.

As much as it can be accidental, a lot of dog bites can be avoided. Therefore, during a court presentation, affirm with evidence that the dog was not provoked during the occurrence of the incident.

  • Investigate the Dog’s History

It can be quite a task, but the more evidence you provide, the higher your chances of winning. Find out the dog’s past and recent behaviors. Snarling and growling in an absurd manner, can be a red sign indicator. You need to know its interaction with the humans for the past few days. Inquire about the mood swings. Ask around from the people who know about the dog. It could be possible that the dog had rabies, which can be really strong evidence for a dog bite case. If you do not know how to determine the above, you can read this law firms blog or similar ones on dogs and the signs of rabies that they may exhibit. A little patience is what you need to achieve results.

  • Present an Eye Witness

Having an eye witness is important. This is the person who will prove that you were not trespassing. He is the person to elaborate the incident in a different dimension, yet narrating the same story. In case you don’t have an eye witness don’t worry as there are several other way to take the lead.

  • Produce Tangible Evidence

The last step is to support your claim. You need strong evidence. These could be; medical bills, and a photograph of the area affected by the bite. It can also be losses incurred due to stagnated business operations or a work document indicating days you’ve not worked. The more evidence, the merrier.

Let your evidence be concrete enough, to serve you the justice you deserve.

Wrap up

With no doubt, dog bites are catastrophic. In case of an encounter with one, what you need is compensation. Seek inquiries concerning search cases, and with no doubt, you need the help of an attorney.