Fun and Frugal Ideas for a Family Night-in

Truth be told, if there’s something that can keep a family together, holding family nights regularly is right up there. Even a single family fun night per week is better than none, especially in the times we’re living in. The busy schedules that everyone has to put up with in modern days have made getting quality family time really difficult. Kids come late after attending music practice, scouting or sports training sessions while parents work for longer hours. Even when everyone’s home, family time is stolen by tablets, smartphones and computers, and loneliness remains. However, don’t despair yet. Read on for some simple and inexpensive things to do on a family night-in.

Family movie night

We’re all attracted to the screen and a well-executed family movie night will bring all household members closer, especially if you have things like ATT Bundles for great TV and internet deals, which will take your movie night to the next high-definition level. If you don’t have a smart TV you might instead want to connect your laptop with your streaming service on it to your TV. This can be done through the use of a HDMI cable that you can find at Once you have the screen set up and the movie picked, you can then focus on the surround system. This can truly add another level to the cinematic experience, especially if you might be doing this activity on more than one occasion. Have a look at this sound bar for tv if you want to take your movie night up a notch.

Once you are all technically set up, you can then create a movie theme: be it the classic musicals, or spy movies or an animation thriller. Consider ‘selling’ some popcorns and sodas to the’ ‘attendees’. You can even have some sort of competition or trivia regarding certain aspects of the film you will be watching. For instance about how the special effects are applied or some historical facts highlighted by the movie. This makes for a fun-filled and educative night. If you are struggling to find a film for all the family then visit

Playing card games

Card games were at the core of interactive entertainment in recent past. Rather than playing on a computer, let every member engage with each other. You can play the classic card games or their updated versions. Card games have splendid entertainment value and they also help kids learn math skills and cooperation with a partner if teams are involved.

Arts and crafts

Did you know that your kids can create more than a dozen things using just paper plate? Just spread a cardboard (or newspaper) on the floor or kitchen table and the craft room is ready! Projects can range from decorating T-shirts to creating holiday ornaments.