Five Tips For Keeping Your Marriage A Happy One

Marriages don’t last forever on their own. You need to do some work to make them last. You don’t just want them to be lasting while you’re miserable though, you want to make sure that you are also doing what you can to keep one another happy.

Working toward a happy marriage doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do. You will need to put time and energy into it though, which can sometimes be hard when you factor in full time jobs, kids, and life in general.

Plan Something Romantic Once In Awhile

Even if the only thing you have time for is a candlelit dinner at home, followed up by a little bedroom romance, that’s enough to show that you still care. It could be something as simple as a husband sending some flowers to a wife while she is at work, whether it’s a special holiday or not. It’s all about the thought, not the specific reason behind it.

Have A Regular Date Night

If it’s difficult to plan time together, schedule one specific night a week, or monthly if that’s all you have time for. that is your date night. You don’t always have to leave home that night, but you definitely have to do something date worthy.

Maybe you’ll stay in, have dinner, watch a movie, and the biggest part of the night will be that the kids are at grandma’s house. Or, maybe you’ll go out to that restaurant you had your first date at, see a movie, or you’ll get a motel room and have a wild night like you did when you were younger.

Celebrate The Holidays

Don’t skip Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day just because you think they are silly. Do something special for each other every holiday you can. Pick a new and creative gift each year to show you still have that romantic bone in your body.

Be Spontaneous Sometimes

Being spontaneous isn’t always easy, but if you both get time together, alone, make the most of it. Surprise him with a sexy outfit when he gets home from work and the kids are still at school. Surprise her with a random bouquet of flowers, just because.

Don’t Just Say ‘I Love You’

The words ‘I love you’ get old if you say them too much. And, if all you are ever doing is saying them your significant other may start to think that you are just saying them to say them. Instead, learn how to show your love without speaking the words.

Give her a kiss every morning before you leave for work, even if you have to wake her up to do it. The next time you feel like telling him, give him a huge hug and a lingering kiss instead!