The Most Famous Pets on Instagram

With the rise of social media come the opportunity to share photos with people across the world, giving anybody the chance to become internet famous – including animals. Whether that is from natural popularity on Instagram, or whether the account owner has bought automatic Instagram likes, social media can open many doors for popular accounts. That one perfect picture or video of a pet going virally is all it takes to catapult your furry friend into the realms of stardom, earning them a legion of fans.

Who doesn’t like to watch a jet-setting dog on their adventures around the world? Whilst some of us can fly on a private jet to our ultimate destination spot, with companies like Jettly and with our pets in tow, if you aren’t able to afford such things, then iKnow UK has lots of options for dog friendly cottages, and thankfully they don’t require 500,000 followers to get fantastic accommodation.

Instagram seems to have become the platform of choice for pampered pooches and cool cats, as one of the biggest photo-sharing apps across the world, with millions of users, it’s the perfect social media channel to gain celebrity status. Animals on Instagram is the biggest rising trend, here are the most famous pets on Instagram, making you jealous of their lifestyle one post at a time.



Arguably the first pup to gain celebrity status on social media, Boo the dog has over 17million likes on his Instagram fan page. Frequently named the cutest dog in the world, and now with merchandise that spans books, stationary, phone cases and stickers. The Pomeranian’s signature haircut and range of outfits place him firmly at the top of Instagram’s favourite dogs.


maru the shiba inu

A shiba inu from Japan, Maru has a massive fan following of over 2.6million from all over the world. The famously smiley and happy pup documents her trips around the world on her dog friendly holidays, showing us mere mortals how to really live.


manny the french bulldog

Manny the French bulldog is the only bulldog with a huge fan following of more than 600k followers on Twitter. The adorable French bulldog had also appeared on television advertisements. Manny the French bulldog gets thousands of likes on his Instagram posts, ranking him amongst the big dogs (mind the pun) of social media celebrities. It more than likely made people want to get their own French Bulldog, luckily websites such as AmericanListed are out there to help scratch that itch for those who want one to love.


marnie the shit zhu

The Shit Zhu gained notoriety from her famously lolling tongue, which always hangs out of one side of her mouth. Frequently papped with celebrities and flaunting her lavish lifestyle, Marnie jets around the world to pet friendly destinations, capturing hearts wherever she goes.

Grumpy Cat

grumpy cat

The myth, the legend. Once just the subject of an internet meme, Grumpy Cat has evolved from an anonymous meme legend to a fully-fledged celebrity. With over 7 million followers on Instagram for her trademark look of pure anger. Undeniably the internet’s most famous cat.


Maru is a Scottish Fold cat with more than 25,000 followers on Instagram. Scottish Fold cats have a distinctive face, with downturned eyes that gives the impression of constant sadness but don’t worry, that’s just their face. Maru has also broken into the world of video, with a Youtube channel with a legion of admirers.

Yoghurt the Pirate

yoghurt the pirate dog

A tiny dog with an unfortunate deformity that caused him to lose his eye and prevents him from keeping his tongue inside his mouth. People fell in love with his story and support him through his Instagram profile, gaining more than seven thousand likes on each photo.