Deciding on The Perfect Fabric for Your Suit

There’s just something utterly satisfying about seeing a man in a suit. Of course, in order to look your best, you’ll need to learn how to dress your best. Custom Suits and having a part to play in the design process is a great way for a man to wear a suit that not only makes them feel comfortable but showcases their own personal style too. It is very likely that most men would agree that choosing the fabric for your suit is one of the most important features and it’s crucial to take all the aspects into consideration.

There are a lot of factors that would affect what type of fabric you’re going to choose, and this simple guide will take you through all the necessary steps. So, whether this is your first time buying a suit, or you’re simply looking to try something new, these few tips will surely help you get by:


A great choice for late dinner parties, velvet simply exudes luxury and elegance. Of course, this fabric is actually a combination of cotton, silk and nylon and because of the nylon, it isn’t the most breathable material. The subtle shine characteristic for velvet fabrics makes it a wonderful outfit for a night out, but it surely doesn’t belong in an office setting.


Quite a popular and frugal option, the polyester suit has become one of the favourite options nowadays. While they don’t have the same quality as suits made from wool, silk or cotton for that matter, they can make good choices for casual events. Similar to velvet, because they’re made from synthetic materials, polyester suits aren’t quite breathable, so they’re not really suitable for warm weather.


If you’re looking for something deluxe, then be ready to pay a deluxe price as well. Silk is known to be one of the most expensive fabric choices out there, but with a good reason too. Not only is it amazingly comfortable, but it’s also known to be suitable for any weather conditions. Because of its features, silk is known to regulate the body’s heat, regardless of the season, so you can wear it in summer or winter without any concern.


One of the best choices by far are cotton suits, which are made from natural fibres and are known to be quite comfy and fit just about any body type. They’re also a great choice for everyday office wear, as well as some semi-formal events. The only disadvantage of cotton suits is that they’re prone to wrinkling, so it’s important to maintain them properly and regularly.


Definitely the best choice if you’re looking for a light, summer suit. Linen is a good choice for casual events, but it doesn’t work very well in office surroundings. It’s also quite high-maintenance, as it can stain and crease very easily, so it’ll be necessary to take care of it properly. Another great thing about linen suits is that they make a great choice for all body shapes, including plus sizes.

Wool (Worsted, Cashmere)

Last, but certainly not least, wool suits have become globally recognized as one of the favoured choices among men. This is because woollen suits offer versatility and refined aesthetics, and are actually suitable for all climates. Wool suits are known to be a tad heavier than other alternatives, so this might be a slight inconvenience, but there are also other wool options to consider. For instance, Fabric Online Australia offers remarkable worsted and cashmere fabrics, which are also a popular choice among the higher classes. Worsted is mostly praised for its durability, while cashmere is known as a fabric suited for luxurious settings, because of its shine.

From natural fibres like wool and silk up to some other alternatives like polyester and velvet, there are countless of options you can choose from. The key is to decide what type of suit you need, analyse your preferences and pick the one suitable for your personal needs and desires.