The Art of Gift-Giving – For Her

Imagine this hypothetical situation: You want to buy your girlfriend a gift and you decide to give her something she will use often and come up with a steam iron. She says: “It’s fine”, and you know that it isn’t because she’s not speaking to you for several days after. Yep, choosing a gift for your girlfriend is a tricky thing, you have to watch your step, as if you are on a minefield. Don’t worry, we’ll get you out of this seemingly dead-end situation. Here are some tips on how to buy the ideal gift that will make her forget all about that last-year iron.

Listen to Her

You wouldn’t believe how far just listening to your significant other can get you. Not only you can enrich your knowledge with some interesting facts, but you can also learn so much about her as a person so that you have ideas for gifts years ahead. You can find out is there a book she always wanted to read, a concert that she dreamt of visiting, a city that she wanted to see, etc. The very gift doesn’t have to be something big and expensive, the fact that you were truly listening to what she was saying will make her happy.

Help Her with Her Hobbies and Ambitions

Another thing that will earn you love and respect is showing your respect towards her ambitions and aspirations. If, for example, she wanted to attend a seminar or a foreign language course, fill up her application, make the necessary payments, and give her a lovely surprise. If she has a hobby, such as photography, you can buy her a camera, lens, or some other piece of photo equipment. The same goes for painting, dancing, etc.

The Gift of Old and New Memories

If you have a romantic girlfriend, she will definitely enjoy a gift of memories carefully crafted by you. Yes, we are talking about a romantic scrapbook with all of your most amazing moments together. You can achieve something similar in digital form (CD, flash drive, etc.). If there’s something that beats old memories that’s making new ones. So try to make some by taking her to a picnic, travel, or a concert. You can also make tangible memories by booking a romantic photo session for the two of you.

Something Made Just for Her

Everyone can go to the store and buy a box of chocolate, but a box of chocolate with her name and love messages written on the wrapping that tells another story. One of the best personalised gifts for her is custom work of art, like canvas print with your favorite love quote on it or your names and important dates. Other things like mugs, t-shirts and bags are also good ideas, as is personalised jewellery. This is a good idea because jewellery is already such a special present on its own but it means a great deal more if you’ve taken the extra step to have it personalised like this name chain for example.

Pamper Her to the Max

Now, here you have two choices: Do it yourself or leave it to the pros. If you choose the first one get ready to be her slave for a day. Don’t let her near the dishwasher, vacuum cleaner or anything that resembles work or chore. Do all those things instead of her, and more. Give her an aromatherapy massage, prepare her breakfast, lunch and dinner, bake a chocolate cake, stream her favorite movie and make a bunch of popcorns… and wine, don’t forget the wine. If you decide for the other option, book her a whole spa day and let her enjoy.

Of course, you can always go with the usual fail-proof gifts such as a romantic dinner, chocolate, perfume or something fashionable, but we guess that you could figure that out by yourself. Now go try out our gift-giving guide. You’ll thank us later.