7 Practical Tips for Buying a New Toilet

Although the toilet is not the most glamorous place in the bathroom, it is the most essential when it comes to selling a house. Buyers do actually look at the quality of a toilet, and studies have shown that a wrong choice in colour or design of a bathroom can affect a sale.

Therefore, you need to take time to choose the best. Generally, the design of toilets UK has changed over the years effectively affecting their functionality albeit, positively.

This means that you need to take into account such things as the distance between the wall and the drain line opening among other details. If you are looking to replace your toilet with a new unit, here are some practical tips to help you buy cheap bathroom toilets:

  • Seat size and shape – Toilet bowls come in different shapes with the most common ones being elongated or round. While the round toilets tend to be smaller and ideal for spaces that are tight, the elongated seats are almost two inches longer, providing more surface area thus making the toilet a little more comfortable than the round toilet. Thus, if you have adequate space then an elongated bowl will definitely be a great choice.
  • One-piece vs two-piece – Toilets come in different designs. That two-piece is also known as close coupled toilet and the one piece. One piece toilets usually have their water tank built at the back of the bowl hence are easy to clean since the gap between the bowl and the tank is small or absent. Even then, these toilets are expensive. On the other hand, the two-piece model, which have a separate bowl and tank, is an ideal choice if you are looking for cheap bathroom toilets.
  • The flush system – The majority of toilets operate on a gravity flush system. That is, they rely on the pressure of water within the tank in addition to the weight of the water that is inside the bowl to force the waste and water into the pipes.

The old fashioned toilets on the other hand that have their tanks mounted on the wall depended on the height of the tank to increase the head pressure. Then there are the dual flush toilets that offer half flush for liquid waste while offering full flush for solid waste. This is particularly great when it comes to regulating water usage. Thus, you need to consider these.

  • Height of the toilet – By now you know that toilets come in different heights and sizes. Height is an important factor for consideration when thinking about buying toilets for sale because they determine how comfortable different sets of users will be with it. For instance, if you have young children or senior citizens, then you must be able to take into account their individual needs in terms of ease of access when buying toilets online.
  • Think about the trapway – This is the area through which waste and water exit. A large trapway is often recommended for toilets UK as it supports better flushing and less clogs. Additionally, you need to establish whether the trapway is fully glazed as this promotes improved performance in addition to making the bowl easy to clean.
  • Attachment method – You also need to determine whether you are for a wall mounted or floor mounted toilet when buying toilets UK. You may want to talk to your plumber before setting out to buy cheap bathroom toilets so that they can advise you on the ideal type of toilet that you need.
  • Extra features – Whether you are buying cheap bathroom toilets or toilets for sale, you need to be on the lookout for the extra features that the toilets are offering. These include motorized seats, heated seats, ceramic glazes that make your toilet antibacterial. Remember, better features of a toilet and other home improvements

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