5 Home Decor Centerpieces

Your home’s basic decoration concepts should, in theory, always have some type of centerpiece that brings everything together. This is a thought that is sometimes overlooked when people try to do too much with what they have, thinking that more is better. However, instead of ‘more,’ what happens when you go for ‘focused?’ You get a much better result.

So, maintaining the core of that theory, consider these five follow centerpieces for your home decoration theme as a way of doing ‘more’ with less, and more aesthetically. The five include the kitchen tablecloth, the dining room chandelier, the living room entertainment center, a grandfather clock, and a fireplace.

The Kitchen Tablecloth

So much of life is centered on dining, that it’s no surprise that many family centerpieces revolve around the tablecloth. Now, this can either be a historically familiar piece of fabric, or something that is purchased to really give love and life to a table. Think of the beautiful cloths that are laid out at fancy dinners in epic environments, and you’ll start getting the picture about what they can accomplish as centers of color and texture.

The Dining Room Chandelier

And what better spotlight to a room than a chandelier? Even a quick study of chandeliers will show you just how beautiful they can be and how much they can accent the personality of a room, simply by performing their duties. In fact, it’s not even a bad idea to minimize the number of things in a room with a chandelier, just so that people will immediately recognize it’s importance, both physically and spatially. Some homeowners choose quite large chandeliers, such as a drum shade chandelier, and others enjoy a smaller and longer one. A chandelier really is the centre piece of a room if you get it right.

The Entertainment Center

In your main living room, chances are very likely that you’re going to have an entertainment center. Now, the question is, will the structure of the entertainment center highlight things like the TV display, or the stereo, or will it be an epic structure in itself. You can find amazing entertainment centers that, in themselves, have a tremendous amount of aesthetic value, and that is why many people choose them specifically.

The Grandfather Clock

The grandfather clock as centerpieces isn’t as common anymore, but it is certainly one of the more memorable ways to have a center of focus in a room. And the clock itself may be a family heirloom of some type, or perhaps it is something that you picked up some time in your life and refurbished.

The Fireplace

And finally, a fireplace works quite well as a center of home decoration. Whatever type of style stones, or grate, or basic design you have around the fireplace, can be used to fill in the rest of the conceptual theme for the remainder of the room, if not the entire house in some cases!