4 Tips for Making Your Home a Warm Environment This Winter

Winter evenings gathered around the fireplace while the snow falls outside are the ideal for many American families. While you may not have the fireplace to gather around, there are still many ways to make your home a warm, comforting environment and stave off the winter blues. From keeping your house at an optimal 70 F to sewing cozy quilts, you can find all the tips for getting through the winter here.

Best Temperature

While people are unique and everyone likes different temperatures, it is commonly agreed that 70 F is the ideal for occupied rooms for sedentary adults. To save on energy, you can keep other rooms in the home at 64 F which is better for sleeping. It is better to have your family adjust their clothing layers than continuously change the thermostat.

Although the heating system of your home is quite durable and can last for years, frequent use may sometimes cause it to malfunction. Imagine that you have just come into the house from a snowstorm and all you want to do is get warm, only to find that your thermostat’s busted. What a disappointment that would be! To avoid such situations, it would be agood idea to get regular servicing and checks of your heating system by professional HVAC consultants like Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating (macvik.com/heating/hvac-service-areas/arvada/).

Add Ambient Lighting

One of the best ways to stave off winter blues in those long winter nights can be by adding ambient lighting around your home. Try to implement warm lighting methods that don’t use fluorescent bulbs. One option is to burn oil lamps within the home; these are safe, low-energy consuming and provide a warm, yellow light to dark corners of the room. Be sure you use proper precautions when burning and do not leave lamps unattended.

Another great way to add holiday cheer and warmth is by burning scented candles. With recent studies showing that store-bought candles are toxic to air health, many people have been hesitant to purchase them. Fortunately, making your own soy-based candles with all natural wicks can be a safe alternative, and you can customize your scents with essential oils. Scents like peppermint or spicy thieves blend can help your home feel warm and holiday-inspired.

Make Quilts

There are few things cozier than a heavy quilt and a mug of cocoa in the depths of winter. Consider creating your own quilts from personalized supplies, and quilt block patterns you have around the home. Options include denim quilts or the classic t-shirt quilt which will make it personalized for your family members. What could be better than cuddling up under a quilt than a quilt with t-shirts from all of your favorite summer camps and events?

Indulge in Warm Beverages

Cuddling up with a hot mug in your hands can conjure up images of safe ski lodges or winter woods scenes. Even if you live in the city, warm beverages in the depths of winter can be just what you need. For kids, consider adding candy canes to cocoa to make peppermint cocoa, or mixing up a pot of hot apple cider.

While adults may enjoy glasses of wine in the evening, winter months may turn those tastes to a hotter beverage. Drinks like hot buttered rum, hot toddies or fireball cocoa may be more suited to their palettes. Hosting family dinners during the holidays can be more fun when everyone has a favorite drink to curl up with after eating.