4 Things that are Still Cool to Buy for Your Teen’s Birthday

So you’re struggling to come with the perfect gift for your kid’s birthday this year? You’ve probably spent months coming up with a perfect and in the end you still have nothing.

But don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. As a matter of fact, a recent study has revealed that when it comes to their kid’s wishes, most parents are in the exact same both as you.

What Do Parents Think Their Kids Want?

Ok, we need to mention that this study actually examined what teenagers really want for Christmas versus what their parents think they want. However, you surely agree that the study is still relevant to our today’s topic.

Now, according to the cash-back website Ebates.com, more than 40% of parents think their children want either a PlayStation or an Xbox and almost 25% of them thought their kids want an iPhone. But these items didn’t even show up at the top of children’s’ actual wish lists.

What do their Teens Actually Want?

When a parent asks his child what he or she wants, their kid usually just shrugs and says “I don’t know.” But most kids either have a monthly allowance or have their own money from a part-time job and have certain shopping behaviors that can help you with your gift choices.

Back in 2013, Stage of Life conducted a survey of over 7,000 high school students, which revealed what they buy the most of. And some of the top items include electronics, games, sporting goods, clothing shoes and accessories.

This of course doesn’t tell you exactly what to buy for your kid’s birthday, but it certainly can help you narrow the choice. And in order to help you with your choice even more, we’ve complied a short list of gifts most teenagers will be pleased with.

Four Things That Still Make a Cool Birthday Present

1.      Headphones

Your child already has some kind earphones, right? But trust us – your kid could always use another pair. Typically, they last 3 to 6 months, and in most cases, one earbuds breaks just after a couple of weeks. Also, you should be aware that the ones that came with their smartphones provide the worst audio.

So what should you buy? It depends on how much you want to spend – you can get something high-end like Wireless Powerbeats2 that are water-resistant and can last up to six hours on a single charge. But if you want something more cost-effective (and stylish at the same time) you should definitely check out some affordable SkullCandy headphones (you can easily find a pair for $30 to $40)

2.      Monopoly

Your kid owns a smartphone, tablet or maybe even bot; so what does he need a board game for? Aren’t they obsolete? Well, you might be surprised to find out that board game sales are actually up (according to the Euromonitor International, sales-wise, 2016 was one of the best years in recent memory).

When it comes to board games, the classic Monopoly is always a good choice, but here’s the twist – now you can make a personalized Monopoly game for your kid. You can insert any picture you want on the board and choose the game pieces.

3.      Skateboard

If you’re anything like the vast majority of parents in the world, you’re probably deeply worried about your kid’s lack of physical activity. But these days, the popularity of skateboards is undergoing a major resurgence, which gives you a great opportunity provide your child with some much need physical activity and also give him (or her!) a nice birthday gift.

If you’re going for a novelty gift, you can buy something like a Boardless Skateboard, and give them a challenge. However, novelty gifts ware off after a while, so if you want more “classic” you should look into standard cruiser skateboards, which are made of high-quality plastic and can withstand most of the stunts made by the kids.

4.      Retro Console

Last not but least we have to mention gaming consoles; after all, they are the most popular birthday presents by far. You probably know that the Nintendo Switch is flying of the shelves quicker than any console before (it already sold more than 900,000 units) but we suggest you should go for something more retro.

If your is a Nintendo fan, you should go for the NES Classic, which comes with 30 pre-installed classic games and costs less than $60. On the other hand, if you want something “trendy” you can opt for a Handheld Pac-Man game, which costs only around $25 and has an actual joystick!

Final Thoughts

At one point in our lives, we were all moody teenagers, who were rarely amused or impressed. But getting a good gift isn’t actually that hard – and we guarantee that at least one of these gifts will make that angst-ridden youth smile.