4 Reasons to Hang Up Your Children’s Art in Your Home

Turning a house into a home can be a complicated process. Making your house look like a Martha Stewart magazine may be beautiful but not necessarily “homey.” Things that can transform your house into a home include family, pets, photos and art. One of the best things about kids is that they love to create. Making art can help them with confidence and academic success as well as keep their mental health strong throughout their life. Included here are a few reasons to encourage your children to create and to hang their art up in your home.

Boosts Their Confidence

You may believe children come with all of the confidence they could ever need, but that is just not the case. Some kids suffer from a perfectionist complex, making them dissatisfied with all of their creations. Without dealing with this from a young age, kids can suffer from perfectionism in school, which could result in quitting anything that does not meet their high standards.

Hanging children’s artwork on the walls gives them the impression that you are proud of them and believe their creation is perfect already. This show of support boosts their confidence which could overflow into other areas of their lives. Being confident at school and in athletics at a young age can set them up for recoveries when failures do happen.

Makes It Personal

There are few things less comfortable than a sterile home. Houses that are made to look just like a magazine or hotel room do not feel like they are meant to be lived in. Hanging up artwork created by your family gives your home an entirely new personalized feel. No one else can have that crayon train drawing in their living room or accidental selfie of their silly faces. To properly showcase your kids’ unique creations, consider hiring a professional like this handyman in Westport. They can expertly hang and arrange the various drawings, paintings, and photos in a visually appealing way that highlights each piece.

Creates An Accepting Environment

Showing that you support your children in their efforts is important knowledge to instill in them. Teaching each of your kids that their individual creation holds value and is important to you can help them value themselves and each other. This also should be a time when you dispel any teasing between kids about whose artwork is better. You can teach them lessons about how art is personal expression with no “right way” by showing them the difference between abstract and realist painters.

Strengthens Bonds

Getting your creative juices flowing with your children is a great way to strengthen your bond. One exercise that children love is to take a large drawing pad and designate one corner to each person. Include yourself and your spouse in the drawing, and let everyone’s creations bleed together in the center. This creates a beautifully unique contrast of each person’s style while still allowing everyone to come together in one piece of art.