Holidays Onboard A Cruise Ship For Your Family

It’s one thing to go on a family holiday but it’s quite another to get to that holiday destination in the first place. Family holidays have always been at the heart of so many treasured childhood memories from winning the fancy dress contest at a children’s holiday park with so many generations of the family, to the first day stepped on an aircraft at seven years of age, and feeling completely blown away by the sheer speed and power with which an airplane moves. All of these memories make a family holiday a special time for everyone involved. You don’t want to forget them or get stuck with a dull holiday if you can help it so here are some tips on how to keep family holidays exciting and memorable.

It is always a good idea to book your family holiday destinations well in advance because holiday resorts are full to bursting with families, and there is more than just a limited number of available rooms for all family sizes. There are also plenty of things to do and places to eat so make sure to plan your trip well and you will be able to enjoy every minute of it.

Going on a cruise is a great way to spend a vacation with the whole family. The cruise lines have ships that run around the world so there are plenty of interesting locations for you and your loved ones to enjoy. There are also lots of activities that you and your entire family can take part in while on the ship so you never have to worry about finding a time when the kids can stop crying and the adults can get some work done. The cruise line has all kinds of activities for everyone. It is often a good idea to check with the travel agent to find out what types of activities are available on each cruise line.

Planning a family holiday is also great for the rest of your family. If you plan to spend the entire holiday together, then having a cabin on the ship can provide you and your loved ones with plenty of privacy and space to spend time together. If you do not intend to stay together then a houseboat might be the perfect solution. A houseboat is small enough to fit everyone comfortably and the sun and sea are always there to enjoy as long as you want.

If you have a larger family, it is a great option to rent a campervan which is a great way to spend your holidays with the entire family. Most campervans come fully equipped with facilities and features and will give you and your family plenty of room to move around and relax. There are even some that have their own kitchen and TV inside so you can cook up something nice to eat while watching the latest game show on your laptop. Most campervan owners will take care of all of the driving so you won’t have to worry about hiring a car or getting public transport to get to the resort or out to dinner or anywhere else you might be going.

Going on a boat cruise is a fantastic way to spend a vacation with the entire family. You can sail out on a private vessel that offers all of the amenities and features that you would expect in a hotel, but you will also have the luxury of dining in fine restaurants that you have hired or cooking on your own private deck where you can dine out at night.

A family holiday is very important, especially when you have a young family with young children who tend to do things in different ways. If you are staying in a bed and breakfast accommodation, you will need to prepare meals and do everything from washing up to cleaning the bedrooms, keeping the home tidy, making arrangements for the children’s school and other activities, as well as keeping up with everyday housekeeping and other household chores. If you are going somewhere that requires a lot of driving then you will need to book a rental car or hire a car for the trip.

As a family holiday is supposed to be relaxing and fun it is vital that you make the most of the opportunity to get away from it all. The above options are just a few examples of how you can arrange a memorable family holiday on board a cruise ship.

How to Dress Your Toddler for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s probably time to start changing your little one’s wardrobe out. With the changes in seasons and sizes, shopping for new clothes can be fun, but it can also be expensive. So being able to recycle items or buy items that work for more than one season can go a long way! Here are a few simple ideas for how to easily transition your toddler’s winter wardrobe to a spring wardrobe.


Spring can be an unpredictable season. One minute it’s cold, and the next minute you’re sweating. To minimize outfit changes, layer your kiddos’ clothes. Consider starting out with a short-sleeved shirt and layering a light sweater on top. If it’s really cold, you can always put a heavier jacket on top. Hoodies are also great for layering. 

If your little one loves wearing dresses, consider dressing them in tights and layering a cardigan over their dress. Again, these items are easily removable if the day gets too hot, and they can keep your little one warm if it doesn’t.

Outfits for all seasons

Consider getting a few items that can work for more than one season to include in your little’s wardrobe. Short-sleeved shirts are always great for layering, and you can’t go wrong with a light jacket or hoodie. You could also get your little one a toddler pinafore dress. If you haven’t heard of a pinafore dress, you’re missing out! Pinafore dresses are adorable and ruffly—some even have pockets. The best part is that you can layer a short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt under them. So your little one can wear them in spring, summer, fall, or winter!

Accessories to stay warm

Despite what we may expect, spring can still be rather chilly. So consider having your little one wear accessories to help make playing outside a little less chilly. A hat, for example, will help keep their head warm. They can always take it off if they don’t need it.

Another great accessory is socks. Socks might sound a little boring, but making sure your kiddo is wearing socks and shoes rather than sandals will keep them much warmer, and as an added bonus it’ll protect their feet. Last, but not least, a cute pair of gloves for your little one can be both stylish and warm. So if it’s cold outside, add a pair of gloves to your little’s hands.

Add some color

If all else fails, add some color! While neutral colors like brown, black, and gray can look great, adding a colorful hat, pair of gloves, or shoes can really dress up an outfit. Even adding something as simple as a colorful bow to your daughter’s hair can take an outfit from winter to spring without much of an investment.

So this spring, consider getting a few great staples like pinafore dresses and basic long and short-sleeved shirts to keep it versatile.

9 Items Your Parents Used to Take to School That Are Practically No Longer in Use

In some ways, technology has made learning easier than ever. Students these days need far fewer materials for learning than their parents and grandparents did. Although one might also argue their grandparents needed fewer materials than their parents did as well. Conversely, however, the one item students of today generally need most is often significantly more expensive than all of the school supplies they used to need. One way or another, however, kids these days just don’t need as much stuff when it comes time to head off to school in the morning. Here are 9 items your parents used to take to school that are practically not even used anymore. In fact, kids these days might not even know what some of these things are. (more…)

Planning a Liverpool Trip for the Entire Family

In my specific case the departure point is Birmingham, but generally speaking if you’re going in from out of town then it’ll take you about the same time by car as it would take you by train to get to Liverpool, so I reckon it’s best to go by car. Find a place to park though, because even if you come in early, you don’t want to find yourself stuck in what can be the nightmarish traffic of a small but vibrant city. It’s better to get around on the city’s public transport… (more…)

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