5 Home Decor Centerpieces

Your home’s basic decoration concepts should, in theory, always have some type of centerpiece that brings everything together. This is a thought that is sometimes overlooked when people try to do too much with what they have, thinking that more is better. However, instead of ‘more,’ what happens when you go for ‘focused?’ You get a much better result.


3 Things You Need to Understand When Your Child is an Addict

There are few circumstances more difficult to navigate, as a parent, than when your child is struggling with an addiction. Finding out your child has an addiction can be just the first step on the very long and painful road towards recovery. But with a rising statistic of nearly two million teens between 12 and 17 struggling with an addiction, the problem has been brought to light. Unfortunately, statistics show that only 150,000 of these teens are actively seeking treatment, so the fact that your teen is on their way is a good sign. Included here are a few things to know when you first discover your child is an addict.


Teaching Your Kids How To Help Keep The House Clean

When you have children you, as their parents, are the ones that will need to teach them all about life. Part of life is keeping your home clean. It’s not about having children to do the chores for you, it’s about teaching them things that they will need to know to survive adulthood.


4 Ways Saving Money Will Improve Your Family Life

In modern families, finding a balance between work and home life can be difficult. And while you may be enthusiastic about your children, you feel torn between spending time with them and making enough money to live on. With common living expenses jumping every year, it is no wonder families are having more trouble affording basic necessities. It is very important that you strike a balance between a good income and a happy home. Included here are a few reasons that saving money will help improve your family life.


4 Tips for Making Your Home a Warm Environment This Winter

Winter evenings gathered around the fireplace while the snow falls outside are the ideal for many American families. While you may not have the fireplace to gather around, there are still many ways to make your home a warm, comforting environment and stave off the winter blues. From keeping your house at an optimal 70°F to sewing cozy quilts, you can find all the tips for getting through the winter here.


The Importance Of Teaching Your Children About Drugs

If you don’t teach your children about drugs, someone will. That someone could end up being the person that gets your child hooked on drugs. Plus, you don’t want them to only learn from their friends, who may not have the same rules or thoughts on drugs as you have.


Protect Your Family With Smart Home Maintenance Decisions

If you and your family live in a house that you own, then you know how important it is that everything is safe and secure. And that safety and security will come from a few different variables. First you have to pay attention to the actual environment the house is in, and then, you have to pay attention to make sure you’re safe with regard to thieves or other security issues. (more…)

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